Saturday, November 19, 2011

Nial Fuller - Keeping Forex Trading Simple

Who is Nial Fuller?

Nial Fuller is an Australian price action trader and trading mentor who specializes in teaching aspiring traders to trade the Forex market with price action based strategies. Nial started trading financial markets at just 16 years of age while still in high school. He was hooked very quickly on the opportunity and excitement of being a professional trader. After studying many different trading systems and strategies over the first two years of his career, Nial eventually was led to the simplicity and effectiveness of price action based trading. His trading subsequently started to progress quickly and he soon was consistently profiting in various financial markets.

What does Nial Fuller stand for?

Nial Fuller is a bit of a “maverick” trader in that he isn’t afraid to do what the masses of traders won’t; like wait for a week or more for the “perfect” trade setup. He stands for trading with simplicity and for helping other trader’s trade in a similar manner. Nial’s aim is to spread genuine insight and honesty in the Forex trading world, which is generally plagued by disingenuous scammers and people selling trading systems who are not successful traders themselves. Nial stands for dispelling the myths and lies spread around the web about Forex trading and what’s all about by trying to speak the truth about the reality of trading and what you can expect.

How is Nial Fuller different from other Forex educators?

Nial is clearly different from other Forex educators in that he has a natural knack for both teaching and trading, and this is evident upon watching one of this Forex trading videos. Also, he teaches simple price action based strategies while most of the rest of the Forex world is promoting indicator and software-based trading systems. Nial believes in teaching traders “clean” trading strategies that allow them to make sense of the natural price dynamic of a market so that they can successfully trade for themselves no matter what condition the market is in. He is not trying to sell people some two thousand dollar trading product like many other educators, he is only trying to share his wealth of price action trading knowledge as cheaply as possible.

What can you learn from Nial Fuller?

You can learn effective price action trading strategies from Nial Fuller that are simple to understand and simple to implement. You will not find any “smoke and mirrors” in Nial’s trading strategies, just straight forward and time-tested price action – based strategies that provide you with a framework to make sense of the ever-changing Forex market. Nial teaches traders the exact same price action strategies that he has used successfully in the markets for years. You will learn not only a trading strategy, but a way to think about and make sense of the market’s movements each day. This will work to instill a deep understanding of how markets ebb and flow and how to take advantage of the natural price dynamics that occur in them, this way you can trade for yourself for a lifetime.

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