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Who is Nial Fuller?
Nial Fuller is a leading Forex trading educator who specializes in the method of price action trading. The price action strategies that Nial teaches work to simplify the trading process and this give traders the power to trade the markets from a clear and confident mindset. Nial is passionate about assisting aspiring traders in obtaining their goals in the market via has targeted and effective price action methods. On Nial Fuller’s website traders will find a large library of price action education material that will significantly help them simplify all aspects of their trading by learning to read and trade from the natural price movement of the market. To find out more about Nial’s trading strategies take a look at his homepage here: Learn to Trade The Market.  

Nial Fuller – The beginning Nial Fuller was drawn to trading at an early age. While still in high school Nial became fascinated with the power of trading the financial markets to provide freedom from the inevitable “rat-race” that he knew was coming soon. Nial began learning about the markets and trading them while still in high school, and like most other new traders he experienced much trial and error as he struggled to find the “perfect” trading strategy. After losing money for a couple of years and floating from one trading system to the next, Nial discovered that he could trade off the natural price dynamics beneath all the messy indicators he had all over his charts.  

Nial Fuller – Developing his trading style After learning about and mastering price action trading, Nial soon began to see significant improvement in his trading as he stopped losing money and began to trade successfully. Discovering and implementing price action was not the only thing that made Nial successful though, his acceptance that patience and discipline were necessary for long-term trading success was what “glued” together all of his price action trading strategies and theory. Once Nial had managed his own account successfully for about two years, he began to move on to other ventures like managing private funds and running trading education seminars. These things worked to further his trading experience and ability and have forged him into the price action trader that he is today. During this time Nial began developing his current trading education program and came up with some of his own proprietary price action setups developed from his understanding of the price dynamics of all markets.  

Nial Fuller – Forex educator After having accomplished much at a relatively young age, Nial decided he wanted to give back to the trading community by helping other traders learn how to simplify their trading. Nial’s price action trading training website was thus born and since 2008 has helped thousands of traders learn to free themselves from lagging indicators, trading “robot” software, signal services, and the like. His website is considered the “authority” on Forex price action trading. Nial Fuller teaches a complete price action trading strategy, not just the individual bar formations like many books and websites teach. You will learn from all of Nial’s years of cumulative trading theory and price action trading knowledge upon joining his community. Learn More About Nial Fuller Here