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Nial Fuller’s Forex Trading Course and Members’ Price Action Trading Community
Since 2008, Nial Fuller has helped over 5,000 students learn how to trade the Forex currency market with simple high-probability price action trading setups. His trading course and members’ community is quickly becoming the most popular price action trading training portal on the web, with hundreds of members’ online at any given time of the day. The strategies that Nial teaches to his members are the exact same ones he has used to trade with for years, so you can rest assured that you are learning from someone who is very experienced with the techniques he teaches. Read on to find out more about Nial Fuller’s price action trading training material and members’ services:

Four-Part Professional Forex Price Action Trading Training Course:
• Forex and Price Action Trading Tutorial – In the first section of Nial’s Forex training course, he teaches students exactly what the Forex market is and exactly what price action trading is all about. This first part is an excellent foundation for newbie traders as well as a great refresher for the more advanced members.

• Nial Fuller’s Advanced Price Action Strategies – The second section of Nial Fuller’s price action trading course contains the “meat” of his trading concepts. You will learn all the price action strategies and trading theory that Nial has used for years to successfully navigate the Forex markets. After completing this section you will have knowledge to read any plain-vanilla price chart and spot high-probability price action setups within them.

• A Particularly Powerful Price Action Strategy – In the next part of Nial’s trading course you will learn about a particularly powerful trading strategy. Nial Fuller teaches his students how and when to trade this setup and he claims it is his “favorite” price action trading strategy.

• Trading Plan – The final part of Nial’s Forex trading training course provides an overview of Nial’s price action strategies and how to incorporate them into a functioning Forex trading plan. This section contains a “quick guide” to Nial’s price action strategies that you can use to check real trade setups against your trading plan.

Nial Fuller’s Members’ Forex Trading Lessons: 
• Members’ Trading Articles – Every two weeks Nial provides his students with a new price action trading article. These articles located in “Nial’s blog”, are full of insightful text and pictures that target one particular aspect of Nial’s trading concepts and explain it in-depth. This on-going education provides you with real value that you won’t find anywhere else.

• Members’ Trading Videos – Nial Fuller’s members’ training videos cover a broad range of topics and are another medium of education to help traders learn. You will find videos that elaborate on the specific price action setups Nial teaches, charting and broker tutorials, how to trade trending markets, how to find “event-areas”, how to trade with confluence, 50% level trading, and more. This audio / visual component of Nial Fuller’s Forex trading education services is an extremely effective way to learn his trading concepts.

Nial Fuller’s Market Commentary and Price Chart Analysis:
• A guide to the markets – Nial Fuller’s daily members’ market commentary provides traders with a comprehensive yet concise daily “guide” to the price action of at least five of the major Fx markets each day. This commentary is another on-going educational feature that really delivers real and tangible value for members. The members’ commentary is released five days a week shortly after the New York close.

• Nial’s price action analysis of the majors – Each day you will get Nial’s personal analysis of the major Forex markets, this gives you the ability to get a “window” into the mind of a successful Forex price action trader. This is yet another way for you to learn how the concepts in the course relate to real-time market conditions and how to trade them effectively.

Members’ Price Action Discussion Forum:
• Price action focused forum – As a private forum, Nial Fuller’s price action discussion community is moderated to stay relevant to the concepts taught in his trading course. You won’t find the disorganization and irrelevant threads that plague most public Forex forums. All the members in Nial’s forum are discussing and focused on the concepts he teaches in his course, this makes learning the concepts much easier.

• Help from experienced price action traders – By discussing trade setups and the strategies in Nial’s course with other members’ who are more experienced than you, you will have a very powerful learning tool at your finger tips that will provide yet another avenue for you to learn from. Nial and his assistant trading coach often participate in the discussions and help traders as much as possible.

Customer Service for Members:

• Email help from Nial Fuller – You can email Nial with any question or problem you have about his trading community or Forex trading training course concepts. This is a very valuable service that allows you to get the most out of your Forex trading mentor. After you become a member you will get email support for as long as you like, unlike most other Forex trading training websites, Nial believes in providing excellent support to all his members.

Nial Fuller Provides On-going Education for Members’
When you become a member of Nial Fuller’s price action trading community, you are not joining a static community; Nial’s trading community is dynamic and always progressing. You will find new members’ content added periodically as well as new discussions and commentary daily. It truly is the most comprehensive and valuable on-going price action education anywhere on the web. To learn more about Nial Fuller and his price action Forex Trading Course, click here.