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Nial Fuller teaches traders how to trade the Forex markets via clean and effective price action trading strategies. With nearly 10 years of successful trading under his belt, Nial is one of the foremost trading educators on the internet today. His website, learn to trade the market, offers more than just a one-off trading course, it provides on-going education via multiple learning streams that work to continually reinforce the various aspects of his price action trading methodology.

4-Part Professional Forex trading course:
Nial’s Forex price action trading course is a comprehensive learning tool that is also very concise and practical. It flows in a progressive format, taking students from beginning Forex and price action concepts through to the more advanced trading strategies and techniques that Nial has developed over the years. It is a very easy to follow and fun trading course that teaches you the exact same price action methodologies that Nial Fuller has used successfully in the markets for years. Upon absorbing all the course material you will have a clear understanding of what price action trading is all about and how to begin implementing it immediately.

Nial Fuller’s Members’ Daily Forex Market Commentary:
Nial Fuller’s daily members’ market commentary is a daily guide and learning tool for his members. It gives an overview of the day’s price action and important market news for the major Fx currency pairs as well as precious metals. In this commentary, members’ will get Nial’s analysis of the markets based on the strategies taught in his trading courses, if any price action trade setups occurred that day they will be discussed here.

Nial Fuller’s Price Action Traders’ Discussion Community:
Nial’s members’ discussion forum is an active and growing community of price action traders all discussing the current market conditions based on Nial’s price action trading concepts. All the conversations in the community are price action based, so you won’t find discussion of haphazard indicator-based systems or “robot” trading systems. Nial and his senior members’ are always around in the forum to help beginning traders learn the ropes. 

Nial Fuller’s Email Customer Support Line:
In the Forex world, you will be hard –pressed to find a trading educator offering unlimited email-support, but Nial Fuller provides exactly that to his members. It’s tough to ignore the value of this service when you consider you can email Nial anytime you want to ask questions about his trading course or trading strategies and current market conditions, or whatever other inquiry you may have.

Nial Fuller provides on-going education:
When you become a member of Nial Fuller's price action trading community you will get a lot more than what you might expect. In addition to the all content already offered, you get new material periodically and on-going education via new members’ articles and videos as well as daily market commentary and interaction with other members. All of this makes Nial Fuller’s price action trading community the very best website for learning to trade with simple price action based strategies.

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